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Corvair Intake Manifold - DIY Wiring Diagram

Corvair Intake Manifold

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Corvair Intake Manifold -
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Corvair Intake Manifold

Corvair Intake Manifold,
Corvair Intake Manifold,
These carbs were offset toward one end of the manifolds. The offset prevented the flooding of the center cylinder (which occurred when they were located centrally). For some reason that Chevy engineers don't yet understand the far cylinder is not starved. Then there is no exhaust heat on the Corvair intake manifolds. These are cast integral with the aluminum heads and sections are made very thick. The manifolds thus pick up heat from the cylinders and Valiant's inline six, is tilted 30 1964 CHEVROLET CORVAIR Type: aircooled opposed sixcylinder Construction: castiron individual finned (for cooling) cylinders, aluminum twopiece crankcase, aluminum finned cylinder heads with integral intake manifold Main bearings: four Bore and

stroke:.3.438x2.938 inches Displacement: 164 cubic inches Valves: OHV, two per cylinder, activated by ballstud rocker arms Compression: 9.25:1 Induction: two onebarrel Rochester carburetors Horsepower: 1 10 at 4,400 rpm An intake manifold pressure of 49 in. Hg abs was obtained under the constant speed condition at 4000 rpm and a pressure of 44 in. Hg abs was obtained under the accelerating condition at the same speed. A maximum difference of about 7.5 in. Hg existed at 29003200 rpm. Similar studies conducted with the basic spark timing retarded and advanced 10 deg from standard (14 and 34 deg btc) showed the same general pattern. Effect of Fuel on Supercharging Corvair Fig.The system can be activated by a solenoid valve actuated at

5.psi by a pressure switch on the intake manifold. From these variations you can develop many other combinations depending on your imagination, pocketbook, time and inclination toward experimentation. Doug Roe used a slightly different approach to the problem on a Corvair engine. His system cooled the heads by spraying water into the cooling airstream. Vtype, 3/16inch "shooters," or spray tubes with 0.040inch  intake manifolds, ignitions, and exhaust headers for them.69 But in the mid1960s, the OEMs began to use these vehicles as the basis of their new muscle cars. And as Tempests, Falcons, and Valiants gave way to GTOs, Mustangs, and Chargers, the bottom largely dropped out of the highperformance compact aftermarket.

Chevrolet's.Corvair was the exception. Introduced in 1959, the Corvair was an unusual automobile that featured a rearmounted, aircooled, sixcylinder engine A 180hp turbo charged Corvair engine is also available. Two new versions of the Chevelle 327 engine are available. The 220 hp 283 engine has been dropped. The 194 and 283 cu in. engines are standard. The exhaust system is new. A new 240 cu in. 6cyl engine is standard for all Fords, except XL and LTD models. The engine has hydraulic valve lifters and a 7bearing crankshaft. A 289 cu in., 2venturi V8 is standard on the XL and LTD models. Valve timing and intake manifold Up front you see more striking differences from Corvair and Falcon. Valiant went to the leaning engine

because.it lowered the hood line (the stylists liked that) , gave a low center of gravity, and left room for an improved intake manifold (the engineers liked that). Tilted engines began showing up in Indianapolis race cars — they call 'em "sidewinders" there — some years ago. At first they had oiling problems. Valiant engineers claim they've had no such difficulty. Intake and exhaust CORVAIR TURBOCHARGER system, above left, is fairly simple. Exhaust gases, G from cylinders, spin turbine F driving compressor E which draws air through cleaner A and carburetor B and C, compresses it and sends it on to cylinders through induction pipe D. 2. OLDS F85'S TURBOCHARGER, above right, is more complicated. Gases from

manifold.4 rush to turn turbine 1 unless pressure of mixture in the intake manifold 10 acts on diaphragm in chamber 9 thus opening valve 6 Note that there are two sources of vacuum involved when discussing how carburetors work. The first source is from the engine. Each intake stroke creates a suction that causes air to flow into that particular cylinder. This is often called manifold or engine vacuum. Thus, the intake strokes of the engine are what cause air to flow from the atmosphere, thru the air filter and thru the carburetor, finally entering the engine. This source of vacuum operates the idle circuit, and to some extent, the It Could Happen to Anyone Detroiters chuckle over one aspect of Corvair's troubles. The story

goes.that Ed Cole, big boss at Chevrolet, father of the Corvair, and a Mover & Shaker on the upper slopes of General Motors, was unexpectedly late getting in one morning. It seems that his Corvair And they observe that the offset position of the carbs on the intake manifolds might call for running a mixture that is a touch rich, to avoid starving the farthest cylinders. Corvair fuel mileage got a 

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