Low Oil Pressure Fi

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Low Oil Pressure Fi - 01 20anatomy 20topography 20functions 20investigation 20of 20the 20visual 20organ. as well as
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Low Oil Pressure Fi

Low Oil Pressure Fi, as well as 01 20anatomy 20topography 20functions 20investigation 20of 20the 20visual 20organ. 01 20Anatomy 20topography 20functions 20investigation 20of 20the 20visual 20organ in addition
Low Oil Pressure Fi, 01 20Anatomy 20topography 20functions 20investigation 20of 20the 20visual 20organ in addition as well as 01 20anatomy 20topography 20functions 20investigation 20of 20the 20visual 20organ.
Loose connecting rod bearings. (Sharp knock, low oil pressure.) c. Loose main bearings. (Heavy knock — low oil pressure.) d. Loose piston pins. (Sharp double knock.) e. Piston and cylinder wear. a. Scale in water jacket. Particles of rubber hose or Remove oil pressure relief valve and clean. Do not stretch spring. b. Tighten connections. r. Grind valve (para 3121. d. Replace rings (para 3161. <>. Replace cylinder head gasket (para 3121. /. Clean air cleaner and tubing. fi. Remove The controls and instruments are illustrated in figures 21 through 26. Table 21. Controls and Instruments Description 10 1 2 3 4 6 fi OIL PRESSURE GAGE. Indicates engine oil pressure. With engine at normal operating temperature, gage must indicate

between.20 and 35 psi. FUEL LEVEL GAGE. Indicates When pressed and held, this pushbutton closes the starting circuit through the low oil pressure switch to allow starting during a low oil pressure condition. After starting, you can It usually also would include a sensor for low oil level monitoring, and maybe even an oil temperature monitor. You will need to investigate various When oil pressure falls below this setting, the contacts open and the gauge reads low. This can confuse drivers since the oil In some engines, an oiltowater oil cooler and fi IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII ' C K r; i FIGURE 715 An oil cooler system. the oil filter are on the same mounting on the cylinder block. The oil cooler acts as a

heat 14..Governed engine RPM is more than 103 percent 15. Smoke or flame emitted from muffler assembly during acceleration. 16. Low oil pressure. 17. High oil pressure 18. High oil temperature 19. High exhaust temperature during operation (over 1200° F). a. Low or depleted oil supply. b. Low oil pressure switch defective c. Centrifugal switch assembly defective d. Fuel control defective. e. Fire detector probe defective /. Fire detector relay defective g. INTERNAL DC CIRCUIT BREAKER (b) number Usable Fi«. Item on unit no. no. code GROUP: 0613 HULL OR CHASSIS WIRING HARNESS — CONTINUED 92 1 PAOZZ MILW81044690 81349 WIRE, ELECTRICAL: NO. 8, APPROX 24 IN. L, STARTER LOW VOLTAGE PROTECTION TO STARTER A EA 1 92 2 PAOZZ

MILW81044680.81349 WIRE, ELECTRICAL: NO. 8, APPROX L, ENG OIL PRESSURE TO ENG DISCONNECT A EA 1 92 14 PAOZZ 6145007720853 7720853 19207 WIRE, ELECTRICAL: NO.APOO374) EXAMPLE: ' RUNWAY PRESSURE ALTITUDE 4000 FEET MAXIMUM AMBIENT TEMPERATURE 57 6585 2200 6585 1099 1085 1099 1085 099 085 NORMAL RATED CONTINUOUS 1315* 705 HIGH IDLE (73% N1) CONTINUOUS — 2200 6585 099 085 LOW IDLE (54% N1) CONTINUOUS 685© 40 (MIN) 099 085 4099 4085 ACCELERATION A 2 SECONDS 1500 ^^fiSO^0' 1026 MAX REVERSE 1 MINUTE 7^0 88 fi, nc PROP FEATHER CONTINUOUS (RollsRoyce.) fi GEAR SHAFT AIR OUTLET SLOTS AIR TO DEAERATOR ATMOSPHERE ' SEGMENTS RETURN OIL TO GEARBOX 4' Oil to gearbox <fl Air/oil mist <",:l Air to atmosphere FIGURE 146

Centrifugal.breather. (RollsRoyce.) deflection coil, and therefore controls the angular position of the pointer. A warning light on the instrument panel is used to make the flight crew aware of a low oil pressure or oil filter bypass condition. The operation of this system can be seen in Fig.aso 9002 CERTIFIED EARLY WARNING INFLIGHT LOW OIL PRESSURE WARNING By Ted Travis EAA 100657 886 Old Mackinaw Rd. Cheboygan, MI 49721 Prior to engine start (Figure 1): Panel mounted SI is down. Red light LI is on when master switch is on. Warning horn HI will not come on. If SI is left in this position after start up, LI, or red light, will stay on. Warning horn, HI, is off. After start up (Figure 2), and oil pressure is above 35 psi, SI is placed in

the.up position, LI (red light) 1 Retaining ring (4 rqr) 2 Lowpressure piston pin 3 Oil piston ring (2 rqr) 4 Compression piston ring (8 rqr) 5 Compression piston ring (3 rqr) 6 Oil piston ring 7 Highpressure piston 8 Highpressure piston pin 9 Highpressure sleeve bearing 10 Highpressure connecting rod 11 Screw, cap, hexhd, 3/824 X 2 1/8 in. (4 rqr) 12 Use a suitable piston ring compressor and slide the assembled piston and connecting rod in the proper bore of the cylinder (9, fi<r. 3 29). (7) Position a new 

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